Corso Di Porta Ticinese

Corso Di Porta Ticinese

This street in Milan has a really urban-cool feel to it.

It is long, a little messy street with graffiti-like art on the building walls and young hipsters and skaters hanging out. You will find many of the shops appealing to young people, but absolutely not exclusively. My sister actually bought her beautiful wedding shoes in this area ;-)








Cafés, bars, Italian ice-cream shops and charming cupcakes for sale are also part of the area and it gives a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

In the summertime the space between the “Colonne di San Lorenzo” (Columns of St. Lawrence) as well as the big square in front of the Basilica San Lorenzo is packed with all kinds of people and events.


The impressive Basilica of San Lorenzo was built towards the half of the IV century, just outside the roman walls surrounding Milan, using the marbles taken from other nearby roman buildings. The “Colonne di San Lorenzo” is one of the few remains of the Roman Mediolanum, dating from the 3rd century AD and probably belonging to the large baths built by the emperor Maximian. They were carried in the current place when the basilica construction was finished.

I believe this is the hang-out for punkers in Milan, which makes it a remarkable mix of past and present in one place.

Definitely a place CustomixeYourExperience will recommend doing your shopping and hanging out enjoy the atmosphere.